Employee engagement and motivation is the new catchcry in our fast moving world.

We are moving faster but not smarter. Most progressive companies know what happens when staff is not engaged, focussed and motivated.

Our YB12 Coach team is a movement of passionate, like-minded people who genuinely care about the outcomes of their clients.

To accomplish the company’s goal of empowering one million people, YB12 has developed a unique training and support program to enlist the support of passionate practitioners around the world.

We’ve been involved in business and personal development for more than 25 years. Up to now, YB12 Coaches have presented to thousands of audiences worldwide, and over 200,000 people have participated in our public seminars or attended in-house workshops.

At YB12, we are joined by people from all walks of life but there is one thing that is common to every single one of our team members. 

That’s a genuine passion to make a positive difference in the lives of others. We expect that from all YB12 team members.

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Meet Our Leadership Team.

John Grant
John GrantCo-founder and CEO
John Grant has an enduring passion for life-skills training and the empowerment of individuals to tap more of their potential. John and his wife Jarmila started on the YB12 journey in 1989 with a lifetime goal of making a positive impact on the lives of one million people. John has presented his Total Focus workshop to more than 10,000 people in hundreds of audiences and has delivered our keynote message more than 700 times.
Jarmila Grant
Jarmila GrantCo-founder
Jarmila is the Co-founder of the YB12 Brand and its holding company Life in Balance Seminars Pty Ltd, she is the CFO of YB12 and is deeply involved in the creative direction of our organisation. John and Jarmila have worked side by side in the development of the products and systems of the company since 1990. Jarmila has successfully completed a business and finance degree and a major in psychology with distinction.
Nadia Leopardi
Nadia LeopardiGlobal Director of International Expansion
Nadia Leopardi has over fourteen years’ experience in leading and facilitating personal development for individuals, groups and businesses.
YB12 is a comprehensive life skills program designed to help people have the Best Year of their Lives. It is fast becoming the program of choice for practitioners in the self-help industry.
Nadia applies YB12 principles to facilitate growth and transformation in a goal focused context. Working with hundreds of individuals in helping them develop their business, her strong business development acumen is increasing the profile and benefits of the program.
James McNamara
James McNamaraGlobal Director of Training and Product Development
James McNamara’s mission is to ‘inspire and educate ordinary people to become contributing leaders’. James teaches refreshingly practical approaches to leading teams towards better engagement and ultimately higher performance. He has significant practical experience in guiding teams through both strategic and operational planning processes.
James has been in the corporate and business training and coaching sector for 20 years. He teaches that leadership is not reserved just for the CEO. Anyone trying to influence the thinking and behaviour of others is in a leadership position. James has a proven history of working with Business Owners, Managers and Sales People to help them ‘solve the people puzzle’. He is an experienced group facilitator, keynote presenter and one on one coach. He has a detailed working knowledge of the leadership sales and communication skills which will influence people to follow your lead willingly.
Whether it’s leading a team, managing difficult behaviour, selling a product/service, or having your best year ever, James provides unique and practical insights into how to improve your results.
Brad Andersen
Brad AndersenNational Director - Canada
Brad bought his first business in his early twenties and learnt much about customer experience and engagement, marketing, people management and entrepreneurship through this experience.

Empowerment has been a key word in his approach to managing people, always seeking to guide individuals to uncover their innate power and inner resources to create the outcomes they desire most.
His own journey through challenges big and small, personal and professional, has ultimately led him to devote his life to coaching others to step up to a new standard and excel – in all areas of life.

Nikki Robertson
Nikki Robertson

Nikki has been involved with YB12 Coach for nearly six years, starting as a classic coach she began coaching individuals as a hobby around her corporate job and due to the effectiveness of the system and the joy in client outcomes,  she quickly moved into groups, public workshops and coaching senior directors and CEOs through the YB12 program before leaving her corporate job and becoming Master Coach and National Director with YB12.

Nikki oversees coaching teams across Australia and the US and has developed many successful coaches.

Nikki has completed the ICF training pathway with the YB12 Coach academy and enjoys leading and mentoring her coaches to create as many client success stories as possible.

Our Master Coach Team.

Our Master Coach team is made up of experienced YB12 Coaches. The central role of a Master Coach is to support their local area YB12 Coaching team.

You’ll find that we have appointed a Master Coach in most of the regions we operate.

We are Global and Have Coaches Worldwide.

We Subscribe to the H.I.T.S. Principle.

Honesty, Integrity, Trust & Substance

The mere fact that we have been doing what we’ve been doing for more than 25 years and we’ve presented our message to more than 200,000 people might be enough for most people to feel comfortable with us. However, we would like to tell you more about us just to make sure you can see that we are truly proponents of the H.I.T.S. Principle.

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