YB12 Life Coach Academy Course

Our Vision

Our vision since 1989 has been to make a difference in the lives of one million people through the delivery of quality personal development and business advisory programs.

Since that time, hundreds of thousands of people have already been exposed to our various programs, seminars, workshops and consultancy opportunities. As our business growth continues, so too has the requirement for us to ensure the highest possible standards of delivery by our practitioners.

It is for this reason that we have chosen the International Coaching Federation (ICF) credentialing and application path. We foresee a time when all forms of life and business coaching are regulated to such an extent that it becomes mandatory for all coaches to hold credentials such as those offered by the highly regarded ICF.

What Is Our Major Point of Difference?

We’re different to most other Life Coach Academies in several ways:

  1. Our course is approved by ICF to prepare you for their Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential – but we don’t just train you and forget you.
  2. We offer you the opportunity to join us at YB12 Coach as one of our team members where you’ll have access to pre-written courses that have a long history and depth and breadth, a proven marketing system and best of all, an extremely high level support system that is live and ongoing in many locations.

A Point of Difference Is Nice, But It’s What Makes Us Unique That Matters the Most.

As far as we know, YB12 Coach is the only organisation globally in our space that offers such a comprehensive post training consultancy opportunity that is a dynamic, genuine and proven support system like no other. If you take the time to investigate, you’ll see for yourself that YB12 coaches globally are enjoying great success as coaches, trainers and business advisors. Not all of our Life Coach Course graduates choose to engage with us at this level, but those who do, experience a support system like no other.

Our goal is to offer our Life Coach Course in all markets we currently operate.

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Number of student contact hours included in program.

Our course is delivered over 62 hours.

There are additional homework activities and self-directed study hours.

You will also receive 10 hours of dedicated one-on-one mentor coaching with our Global Director, Rachel Wade, and/or our appropriately credentialed support team.

Learning goals.

The YB12 Life Coach Course is designed for those looking to obtain an ACC Certification.

It satisfies all the requirements necessary to get the ACC. This includes 62 hours of ICF Core Competency training.

The 62 Core Competency hours are earned by taking one of our online or live courses.

In The ICF ACC Course

You will learn the working knowledge you need to successfully be an ICF ACC accredited coach.

In this program, you’ll review the coaching ethics and agreements, as defined by the ICF, within a classroom setting to help you experience live dialogue.

The 11 modules in the course include Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards and Establishing the Coaching Agreement in order that you may create a strong foundation for your coaching practice.

You will be a part of the real-time learning situations allowing the application of the new knowledge which will be applied in the moment of sustainable learning. You will then dive deeper into the other 9 modules containing the ICF’s core competencies.

Your ability to demonstrate the knowledge found in all 11 modules plus the coaching skills at a professional level is the premise of our evaluation process for ICF certification.

Course details:

Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards:

Setting the foundation for the Ethical Code which an ICF coach should follow. This module not only teaches you what the guidelines are but also teaches you how to apply these guidelines in diverse coaching situations.

Establishing the Coaching Agreement:

In this Module, you will learn about the necessity and importance of having a well-defined written agreement. The training will discuss all the different components that you should include in a coaching agreement to create your own coaching agreement template.

Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client/Coachee:

Module 3 begins with the understanding of the Coachee and Coach Co-Creating a relationship. You will learn to create a secure, supportive environment for your Coachee/Client and Self that produces ongoing mutual trust, respect, and results.

Coaching Presence:

In keeping with the Co-Creating relationship, this module will define what Coaching Presence is and how to apply it, not only in the intellectual sense but also in the physical sense. You will learn to be 100% conscious when coaching.

Active Listening:

Active Listening includes learning the 3 elements of listening and how to use them to help your client/coachee achieve the most from each session.

Powerful Questioning:

In this Module, you will learn what Powerful Questioning really is. You will be able to stop your coachee/client in their tracks to promote change and breakthroughs that quicken profound growth in their lives.

Direct Communication:

Direct Communication is about choosing the right words while conveying the message your client/coachee needs to hear. In this module, you learn what this looks like and how to do it.

Creating Awareness:

This Module presents what it means to Create Awareness for the client/coachee. You will develop the tools that you will apply in your daily practice to facilitate learning and results.

Designing Actions:

Coaching is a result-oriented practice. In this Module, you will learn how to help your coachee/client Design Actions that create effective results for their lives.

Planning and Goal Setting:

Facilitating Learning and Results drives this next Module in which you will learn to allow your client to set Clear-Cut Goals in their journey to success.

Managing Progress and Accountability:

Managing your coachee/client’s Progress and Accountability holds their attention on what is important in their lives. You will acquire the tools that help you hold them accountable so that their results are aligned with their goals.

Dates and Locations

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NB. At present, all of our programs are delivered in English

How the program is delivered:

We’ve chosen what we consider to be a highly effective path to the ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC). That pathway is the ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours). This is considered by ICF to be the à la carte pathway providing students a high degree of flexibility.

As previously mentioned, our delivery method is optionally ‘online or live’ for the simple reason that it presents students with the convenience of being able to study regardless of their circumstances.