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Our Classic Coaches Work With Individuals or Small Groups

Working in the business and corporate world is not for everyone. Our YB12 Classic Coach program is for those who are passionate about personal development and feel more comfortable working with people on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.

Spend some time reading about the program you will teach as a YB12 Coach, the benefits of being a YB12 Classic Coach and you might like to read some of the testimonials from those using our marketing system.

Often, YB 12 Classic Coach is a starting point for people joining us. However, for those who like the idea of working with business and corporate, we recommend you take a look at our YB12 Corporate Coach opportunity. There, you will read about our YB12 Results Program for business and our shorter workshop called Total Focus.


Our YB12 Corporate Plus Coaches Want to Run a Full Service Training and Public Speaking Consultancy

Our most comprehensive opportunity offers dedicated people an exceptional ‘Business in Box’ package that is replete with the systems and pre-written materials to create a full-service training consultancy.
You will develop the appropriate skills to embrace and deliver our prescribed training packages to small, medium and large businesses or government departments. Opportunities for YB12 Corporate Coaches exist in many of the current markets where we offer our programs.


YB12 Corporate Plus Coach Offers Everything You Need to Create a Full Service Training Consultancy

Our Foundation Programs

YB12 Results and Total Focus

Our Bite Sized Training

20 Individual Mini Workshops Tailored to Your Clients Needs.

Our Reliable Marketing System

Our Tried and Proven Methodology for Securing Clients. We’ve Presented our Free Keynote Talk to More Than 2,000 Audiences. It’s Powerful and it Secures Clients.

High Level Support

Unheard of Support for Those Who Are Dedicated to Building Their YB12 Consultancy. You’ll Realise Why We Are So Confident About This When You Contact Us.

1.  Employee Engagement

2.  Trust

3.  Lead with Purpose

4.  The First Time Supervisor

5.  Managing Difficult Behaviour

6.  4 Steps to Empowerment

7.  Listening and Assertiveness

8.  The Patterns of People

9.  Follower Readiness

10.  Time Management

11.  Leading Sales Meetings

12.  Sales Account Management

13.  4 Ways to Grow Your Sales

14.  Patterns of People (Sales)

15.  7 Steps to a Winning Team

16.  Making Team Meetings Work

17.  Managing Challenging Behaviour

18.  From Team Member to Team Leader

19.  Strategic Review and SWOT

20.  Advanced Communication Skills

Benefits of being a YB12 Coach

Pre-written and Proven Workshops and Seminars to save you hundreds of hours of development time.

A Reliable Marketing System That Places You in Front of Audiences and Secures Clients. A System That is Tried, Tested and Proven over 25 Years

Unheard of Support From People Who Have Actually Used the System and Delivered the Programs.

A Brand to Align Yourself With and a Team to Work With. YB12 Coaches Love Being a Part of a Team.

Why Become a YB12 Coach

There are many advantages to being involved in the YB 12 Coaching System. This is a lifestyle business. You’ll be your own boss and work your own hours and you’ll have the opportunity to build with us without limits. Moreover, you’ll have the confidence that can only come from a proven program to share with others.

Our #1 value at YB12 is high level support and this is clearly evidenced by the results our committed team members achieve and the comments they make. Click here to read recent testimonials from our global team.

Read what some of our global team have to say…

Imagine being in your own training consultancy delivering workshops and seminars to the audiences of your choice. Having all of the materials you need to use as a basis for you to fully express yourself to audiences.

You’ll be invited to attend weekly meetings and or monthly trainings with your YB12 contemporaries who will openly share their own successful experiences in the field.  As a YB12 Coach you’ll have ‘on tap’ support from the most senior people at YB12. People who know what to do and how to do it well because they’ve actually done it themselves.

At YB12, we are with you every step of the way.

This is NOT a ‘train and forget you system’. As a YB12 Coach, you are like our client and we treat clients with Honesty, Integrity, Trust and we offer Substance in product, system and support.

As a YB 12 Coach, you will experience the best of both worlds — all the benefits of running your own business but with the support of a Master Coach and your peers. You’ll be backed by a company with over 25 years experience in personal development and coaching. Consider that you’ll be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

There are many great benefits to being part of our YB12 Coaching Program: Established name; impeccable reputation; proven system; ongoing support; training; options to grow and a great network for help!

Seven reasons for being a YB12 Coach:

A Healthy Lifestyle

Isn’t it nice to think that you can work with people who just want to live a fulfilled and happy life? This is simply one of the most positive experiences you can have. All of our clients are eager to learn and follow our system so that they can improve their lives or businesses. You can forget the stresses related to peak hour traffic, tight time schedules, office politics, negative interactions and performance budgets imposed on you.


You’ll be working the hours you want. These can be long and hard but that is up to you. But it can also mean taking time out to attend your children’s important sporting or other school activities. You can take time out for other indulgences like playing golf or tennis with your friends at times when most people are working. This kind of freedom does require self-discipline and a sense of responsibility. You’ll need to be self-motivated and able to take responsibility with this new freedom.

Massive Market

Most people do not set goals. A great many people lack direction in life and when asked if they would like to have their best year ever, the immediate response is emotive and an extremely affirmative, YES! If we were overly optimistic, we would state that EVERY ONE is a potential customer. Maybe everyone is but if we were to take just 1 person in 10 of the adult population in Australia and New Zealand alone, this  would equate to a market potential of 1.2 million potential customers.

Our Customer Service Standard

A YB12 Coach will fail, or can even be terminated, if they fail to offer excellent service to customers. We protect our reputation for the benefit of all of our coaches. Your success can only come when the majority of your clients come from referrals. We have a careful selection process, and every Coach must live up to our high standards. YB12 is a place to be surrounded by others who share their standards.

Ongoing Support

At YB12, we put Coaches first. Coaches are entitled to regular meetings, fast response to their calls, and regular pro-active calls to provide coaching and advice. We poll Coaches each year to check that proper service is being provided, and Coaches with problems are invited to go direct to our founder, John Grant. John regularly gives out his personal phone numbers and Email address, and typically speaks to several Coaches in a week. Support also comes from fellow Coaches, who are normally generous with help with advice. Our people are also encouraged to attend meetings and network with Coaches from other areas.

Unlimited Future Growth & Leadership Opportunities

An exciting feature of the YB12 Coach Program is that you can grow to any size. There are no restrictions placed on you. The only restriction to your growth will be placed on you by you and possibly the time constraints to grow bigger. For those who desire to grow their business, we offer further coaching on delivering group coaching sessions to your clients and even a chance to join our Master Coach leadership team.

A Proven System for Getting Clients

John Grant, our company’s founder, has presented the YB12 information to more than 60,000 people over 25 years on a one-to-one basis and to audiences as big as 3,500. Each and every time these clients were secured in the same way. John has developed a Keynote speech that can be presented to one or a thousand people with the same result. You will be taught this Keynote presentation in your induction training so that you too will have great success in securing your initial clients. It is exciting to know that you can secure clients by learning to deliver this profoundly inspirational message.

YB12 Coach. Your Life. Your Business. Your Passion.

Your Life. Your Business. Your Passion.

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