Be a YB12 Business Advisor

Now You Can Use Your Own Experience to Help Other Business Owners Succeed

Your skills and experience combined with our proven approach can make a real difference to small businesses. Almost every business can benefit from a quality Business Advisor who is armed with a program of substance.

Thank you James for running the Quantum Leap Training Program over the past three months.
We found the training to be very inspirational, energising, and liked the simple and affordable ideas for generating more leads and increasing profits.
The personal help of writing a sales brochure has certainly brought in more qualified leads and business is booming!
I’ll be using the training manual and handouts for a long time to come.
Michelle Farr, Co-Owner, Adam Farr Roof Plumber Pty Ltd

Did you know that most businesses go broke in their first five years.

It’s not because the owners are not committed. In fact, they are mostly passionate and extremely hard working people. The reason is ineffective business practices and indeed poor advice.

Imagine being able to use your corporate, business, academic or critical thinking skills to get paid what you are truly worth. As a Business Advisor you can make a real difference to a business owner’s bottom line and quality of life. Imagine getting paid to help business people succeed!

As a YB12 Business Advisor You Can Overcome The Top 3 Challenges Facing Most Consultants and Coaches…


A tried and true methodology for gaining a flow of clients


Proven programs that enable you to keep clients for the long haul


A support system that allows you to maintain your uniqueness and independence

This is a self-employment opportunity where you’ll receive first-class support in the critical aspects of building your practice.

This is a genuine opportunity which is easily accessible. Don’t worry, you won’t have to mortgage the house and there is no long term lock-in contract. You have all the flexibility to build a thriving Advisory Practice that is uniquely yours!

You’ll be taught how to present a powerful message of success and profitability to business owners and secure them as clients. Business Owners will then engage with you in a dynamic and ongoing business success program. In the end, you can expect outstanding feedback and results like this…

“Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the YB12 Quantum Leap Program. Steve and I enjoyed every session and have taken so much information away. It has allowed us to look in depth to our Business and get to know it intimately once again. One of the huge benefit s of the program for me, was understanding the involvement of our Staff and how important it is to have them aware and on the same path as we are with our vision of the Business. We are lucky to have great staff and installing systemised processes will allow this culture to be duplicated at our multiple sites. We have added so much value to our Website from handy notes and pointers you have given. I would recommend any business owner to get in touch with their business by attending your 90-Day Program.
Thanks again and we look forward to working with you in the future.”
Leah Cahill, Northside Smash Repairs
“The program for me was a great way to understand my business better. I feel I will be more focused on the right customer and more confident about the business and staff. The marketing knowledge I gained will be exciting to implement over the next 12 months. It was great to bounce ideas off everyone in the room and with your input it has been a very rewarding few months. Thank you.”
Damien Emery, Emery Engineering
“My weekly net income increased by 100% in 120 days thanks to James McNamara and I did it without spending any more money on advertising!”
D. Cooke, Digitech (QLD)
“The last email that my Business Advisor wrote for me resulted in $247,000 worth of new opportunities into my sales pipeline… Wow!”
Greg Eicke, Owner IPGen Pty Ltd.
“The most beneficial training I have done in the past 10 years. Perfectly related and specific to my current role and situation. A genuine eye opener.”
Scott Gettings, Worldwide Printing
“I found the approach and technique to the selling process refreshing. Being in the industry for 22 years I learned more in 4 training modules than in previous years of seminars and old way training. I look forward to my improved sales due to this training.”
W Fels, Franklyn Blinds Awnings Security

These are all real life testimonies from delighted clients who’ve benefited from our sensible approach to small business growth and success.

Now it’s your turn to leverage your knowledge and experience in your own successful Business Advisory practice.

Apply today to find out about the remaining places for YB12 Business Advisors.


Quantum Leap Program


The Quantum Leap Program

The Quantum Leap Program is a dynamic 90-Day Business Improvement curriculum.

As the name suggests, it is designed to provide significant breakthrough in increasing revenue and profit while decreasing time stress for business owners.

By taking advantage of the Multiplier Effect in business, this program guides you – the business owners – through a series of small improvement steps that all add up to make significant improvements in your bottom line profits. You will learn the correct choice of strategy that allows you to make measurable improvements without spending more money or working longer hours.

The program covers 10 core strategy areas including lead generation, sales, margin increase, team, systems and much more. The whole process begins with a simple but powerful action plan.

Participating Business Owners often comment how surprised (and relieved) they are that they only need to take a series of small, well-directed steps to achieve a sizeable improvement in their business.

The Quantum Leap Program – PLATINUM

The Quantum Leap Platinum is an intense journey towards doubling and tripling a Business Owner’s net profit.

The program begins with the development of a 12-Month Business Growth Plan. This program remains focused on the 10 core strategy areas but allows for more complex improvement projects to be undertaken.

The Platinum program is delivered across three weeks every month.

The three core elements are:

  • Firstly, the monthly management meeting with business owner and senior team to review progress and keep things moving in the right direction.
  • Secondly, a monthly team training session with the entire team. The very first session of team training serves to galvanise the minds of the entire team around a central theme for success in the year ahead. Team members will also establish practical and achievable goals for their work unit and individual performance throughout the year. From there, you are given powerful personal success and leadership skills each month to support you in having your best year ever at work.
  • The third element of the program is the tailored strategy sessions where the YB12 Business Advisor helps you – the business owner – with the design and implementation of business improvement strategies as laid out in the 12-Month Growth Action Plan.

When you – the business owner – and your entire team have a clear set of goals and priorities, you remain focused on those priorities and receive the advice and training needed to implement your plan… success is assured.