Project Description

We know that employee engagement and motivation are at the top of the list of priorities for most companies today.

That’s why our ‘YB 12 Results Program’ and ‘Total Focus Workshop’ are so popular.

We also know that competency in the most traditional soft skills areas is critically important to having a highly productive workforce.

That’s why we offer these staples of in-house company training in the form of ‘Bite Sized’ training. Welcome to our ‘Bite Sized’ training program.

What You Can Expect

Your staff will become skilled in any of the 20 titles we offer in our ‘Bite Sized’ training programs.

These workshops are short and sharp, will fit any busy schedule and in terms of ROI there could be no better equation. ‘Bite Sized’ workshops are short, to the point and effective.

If you want more for your employess a YB12 Corporate Coach can tailor a program for you. Trainers will sit with you to design exactly what you need. Yb12 trainers and coaches can act as ‘Your Company Trainer’. Ask your YB12 Corporate Coach how this works.

Our ‘Bite Sized’ training modules.

1.  Employee Engagement

2.  Trust

3.  Lead with Purpose

4.  The First Time Supervisor

5.  Managing Difficult Behaviour

6.  4 Steps to Empowerment

7.  Listening and Assertiveness

8.  The Patterns of People

9.  Follower Readiness

10.  Time Management

11.  Leading Sales Meetings

12.  Sales Account Management

13.  4 Ways to Grow Your Sales

14.  Patterns of People (Sales)

15.  7 Steps to a Winning Team