Project Description

If you could have the Best Year of Your Life, what would you want to achieve?

Imagine getting it all together, staying on track and focused to make more progress than you have ever done before!

YB12 is an exciting journey of progress and breakthroughs that will end in you having the best 12 months of your life. We help you step by step with person-to-person coaching support to have the best year of your life.

We will keep you on track and focused like never before. That’s why we call it YB12 – Your Best 12 Months Ever.

There are three significant reasons the YB12 program is the single most exciting product introduced to the coaching and personal development industry to date.

What You Can Expect

Quality Research Based Written Materials:

The materials within the program have been written by a small business entrepreneur with more than 30 years business experience, a husband and wife teacher and psychologist with a combined 100 years of academic life.

Sophisticated Strategic Planning Model:

Ours is a systematic, formally documented process for deciding what is the handful of key decisions that an individual or organisation needs to get right in order to thrive over the next year. The process results in the production of a reliable strategic plan.

Personal Coaching Over 12 Months:

Whether you undertake our private or business coaching program, you will be coached over the full 12 months of your program.

YB12 Coaching Sessions

Every month, your coach will meet with you either in person or by phone to cover the personal growth subject for that month. This is where the YB 12 program sets itself apart from all other coaching programs. This difference can be described in a single word – Substance!

Each coaching session begins with a review of your strategic plan to see how far you have progressed towards your goals that month. There will be a discussion about what you have done and what you need to do for the month ahead to stay on track.

Each coaching session will take 30–45 minutes

Outcomes of Program

Participants of the YB12 Classic program learn the tools to negotiate life. The tools to meet almost any challenge in their lives.

We like to say they become ‘Empowered to Win’.

In the planning session, we cover Goal Setting. Then there are 12 modules delivered over 12 months.

The modules cover: 

Session 1: Commitment

Session 2: The Red Flag Concept

Session 3: Procrastination

Session 4: Achieving a Balanced Life

Session 5: Accepting Your Reality

Session 6: Conformity

Session 7: Your Thoughts and Words

Session 8: Handling Stress

Session 9: Thinking and Living Creatively

Session 10: Mind Mastery

Session 11: Emotional Management

Session 12: Celebrating Your Best 12 Months Ever!

If you could have the Best Year of Your Life, what would you want to achieve?

Read what one of these Psychologists has to say about the YB12 materials:

The profession of Psychology tends to have a predominant focus on pathology, problems and emotional pain relief. As a Psychologist, I am excited about the YB 12 program with its focus on educating and empowering people to flourish and see possibilities, not problems. The YB12 program has a solid foundation using sound psychological principles in a pragmatic and accessible way. I am personally excited and energised to share this program and work with clients as a YB12 Coach.
Anna Clark, Consultant Psychologist | Jewels and Gold Consulting