Project Description

Total Focus was written by our company’s founder, John Grant and was first delivered to a public audience in 1990 at the Hilton Hotel in Melbourne, Australia.

Total Focus has been presented to more than 10,000 people by John in a vast variety of settings.

In addition to this, thousands of participants have attended Total Focus workshops conducted by our YB12 Coaches worldwide.

Audiences from major corporations, small businesses, government agencies, community groups and public audiences including teenagers have benefited from the Total Focus materials.  Participants find this workshop to be inspirational and in many cases, a defining point in their lives.

What You Can Expect

You’ll focus your life to achieve beyond what you previously thought was possible.

You’ll learn to think ‘Above the Crowd’, in new and different ways to develop mind mastery.

You’ll develop Emotional Management skills to help you meet the challenges of life.

The outcomes

The core topics covered in the workshop.

The four modules of the Total Focus workshop are usually covered over two half-day sessions, and this is then followed by our 90-day Challenge to Change process.

The modules cover: 

1. Self-Analysis

2. Action Planning

3. Mind Mastery

4. Emotional Management

5. Our 90-day Challenge to Change

Total Focus is a process, not an event.

Great accomplishments have their origin in dreams, but in the end, it is not in the wishing or hoping but in the doing.

Total Focus is a multifunction tool designed to free up your potential which is greater than you can, at present, comprehend.
In this four-module workshop, participants are treated to an experience that will likely have them do more in a shorter period of time than they might have imagined they could.